REwire Monster Analog Synths


RewireGUI REwire Monster Analog Synths


I have been using vintage and modern analog synths for years in songs, demos and YouTube videos.  In every case my main goal has been to find the signature or biggest sound each one produces.  That comes from being a metal guitarist and wanting to find that midrange bass and treble heavy synth sound that fills the same region in music.

 All the synths used in this Kontakt Instrument Collection are capable of the edgiest, hardest, thick and metallic sounds in my humble opinion and have increased in rarity and value over the years.  This collection is the means I chose to resurrect my favorite patches from each and also play some synths polyphonically.

 Samples in this Collection:

Steiner Parker Synthacon and Microcon; EMS Synthi VCS3; Moog Minimoog and Voyager; Roland TB-303 and MKS-80; EML 101; Arp 2600 and Avatar; Macbeth M5; Buchla 259; OSCar; Metasonix Wretch Machine; Serge Creature; Oberheim SEMS and OB-8 and a Eurorack Modular.

 The samples were recorded directly or pulled from demos and original recordings and comprised of either single or stacks of oscillators long enough to hear the beating of the oscillators and looped perfectly to feel they are constantly moving and sound alive.   Some are multi sampled and others are single samples spread across the keyboard but still sounding great due to really good stretching algorithms.

 My custom GUI is a full synthesizer control set that allows you to take any of these sounds and design new patches.  There are six filters from which to choose; pitch and filters envs and LFOs; three types of modulation (flanger, chorus and phaser), digital delay, glide, mono modes and up to eight voice unison with detune.   You can also use the GUI to load your own samples or combine these samples in new combinations.  

 There are also some customized patches and that use the original oscs in ways that were never possible, such as using the TB-303 saw and square together as sustaining pads and emulating the mod structure of the original Buchla 259 osc.   

 This collection requires full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5 but will work in 30 minute Demo mode in the Kontakt Player.  If you don’t have Kontakt and just want the samples to load into another player many of the samples have loop marker files created by Wavelab with them in the REwire Samples Folder and can be recognized by many software players.  Most needed some loop adjustment in Kontakt and need to be fine-tuned to exact pitch usually by +-20 cents.   They are all 16bit 44.1khz Wave Files. 

 Purchasers of my initial collection will get updates and lifetime support.